Guns Boise, ID

Born and raised in Idaho, owner Matt Perry realized his dream when, in August, 2001, he was able to purchase a small gun shop tucked away on a back road in Boise, Idaho. Given the chance, he wanted to turn his new, obscure gun store into the BEST gun shop in the Northwest.

Buckhorn Gun and Pawn is located at 6601 Ustick Road in the heart of Boise, Idaho. At Buckhorn you will find excellent customer service in a warm and friendly atmosphere coupled with a constantly changing and expanding firearm inventory.

The antique guns that “ Won the West” are hanging in the showroom adjacent to the numerous deer, moose and elk mounts. The impressive collection of mounts which grace Buckhorn’s walls stand as a testament to the Northwest’s hunting heritage. Rifles and shotguns are available in all calibers and gauges for the discriminating hunter to choose from.

If you are a recreational shooter, you will be able to find your favorite rifle, pistol or shotgun to help you hone your cowboy action skills or beat your buddy in a round of trap, skeet or sporting clays.

Matt’s personal passion centers around antique Winchesters and Colt Single Action Army revolvers. If he doesn’t have what you are looking for, he is only too happy to search it out for you. Matt attends many of the West’s finest gun shows in order to better serve his many loyal customers scattered throughout the country, as well as to bring back treasures to all his local gun shop visitors and friends.

This very small and original operation has grown immensely in the past 22 years. With our recent additions and no longer having any space limitations, this quaint gun shop is now a bustling and vibrant full service shop for all your firearm needs. Special order guns, firearm transfers, purchases, and a state-of-the-art gunsmithing facility are at your fingertips. Buckhorn’s knowledgeable and friendly employees are available to assist you with your questions regarding firearm fit and ammunition choices.

At Buckhorn we have been proud to be supporting your Second Amendment rights for 42 years.